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Vibration and structure-borne noise can cause disruption, discomfort and can impact sensitive equipment, such as that used in laboratories or operating theatres. Vibration can also cause a reduced quality of life.

Vibration can come from many sources: externally, from nearby roads and railway lines; or internally, from plant equipment and people using the spaces. The environment, wind and seismic activity can all play a part in making a building move. Understanding how the building vibrates, and what causes it, is key to developing solutions.

Through measurement and modelling, Xi can quantify existing vibration levels. We can then design and implement the most efficient, cost-effective vibration mitigation for that building, be that stiffening, isolation or tuned mass dampers.

We recognise the importance of adhering to ISO standards, as well as BSI and ASHARAE criteria. Members of our team sit on the BSI panels for building vibration and the effects of vibrations on humans. Our deep understanding of these standards allows us to advise on the issues which affect architects, developers, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Environmental Statements (ES Chapters).

We work with architects, structural engineers and contractors worldwide to provide effective, sustainable solutions to vibrations and structure-borne noise, helping to ensure building efficiency and human comfort.

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