Consumer Product Specialisms

Engineering Design

Xi’s team of engineers and scientists have a broad range of experience in designing and developing products at all scales.  From small hand-held electronics to large structural steel elements, Xi’s team have experience in developing designs from one off prototypes to full manufacture at all scales.

To efficiently realise a concept and bring it to the next step Xi can help bring concepts to manufacturable designs.  Xi’s team can assess designs through simulation and analysis as well as produce 3D CAD models and 2D drawings that can be taken for manufacture.  Xi use a combination of Solidworks for 3D CAD and engineering drawings and COMSOL Multiphysics where necessary to model and simulate the performance of parts allowing support to be provided by verifying exiting designs and specifications to confirming a new design’s suitability.

This is particularly useful with Consumer Products where iterative prototyping can be costly and time consuming.  Using a robust and scientific engineering design process, Xi will help make smart design changes as part of the development.  This will lead to improved product lifetimes, easier manufacture and reduce risk of product failures once on the market.  Xi can help to improve efficiencies and function from concept through to production.

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