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Independent design validation can assist in risk reduction and improved design elements. This, in turn, helps to reduce launch risk and expedite delivery.

Xi has helped many clients solve varied and complex problems relating to their products. From small hand-held electronic devices to large scale structural steel elements, our engineering and design teams have assisted at all stages of the development. From concept design verification to optimisation and problem solving of an already existing product, Xi offers support and assistance backed up with years of experience in the field of product engineering.

Xi’s team has an extensive background in various fields of engineering, meaning they can tackle problems relating to noise and vibration as well as beyond these fields into areas such as electronics, MEMs or fluid dynamics.

Xi can also offer support and design verification through simulation. As one of UK’s COMSOL Multiphysics certified consultants, Xi’s modeling team has years of experience within the field. Design verification and support through simulation can offer a cost-effective and quick method to solve various complex dynamic problems that otherwise will involve a considerable amount of time and resources.

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