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Validated simulation and the digitalisation of the industrial sector in this era of Industry 4.0 is rapidly changing the way we work. Xi has decades of experience working with clients to improve the understanding of their products, systems, or processes.

We provide exacting measurement capability for one-off, periodic or ongoing condition monitoring. Combining this data with our simulation skills and analytical capabilities, we can help you to better understand, test and improve your work environment and equipment. We often provide Digital Twins of complex systems to ensure that they can operate for the specified design life whilst not being over-engineered, ensuring best value on the capital expenditure necessary to purchase and install them.

We can deliver real economic benefit by accurately predicting how and when to maintain equipment, guarding against costly, unexpected machine failure.

We gather data for our simulation software by safely installing specialist measuring equipment at your site. We then analyse this information to give you insight into any non-standard issues impacting on efficiencies. We can also analyse historic data )if available) to provide insight into the operation of your assets. From this new data we develop solutions to ensure the required operating lifetime of your machines, factories and bespoke facilities.

Our engineers are qualified to work in a diverse range of high-risk environments. With additional site-specific training from you, our team can quickly respond to your project’s needs and timescales.

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