Industrial Specialisms


Robots are fast becoming key components of manufacturing and day to day life. These multifaceted machines are helping to revolutionise production, picking systems and transportation to name a few.

Xi’s modelling and measurement abilities help clients get the most out of their existing robots, with the addition of using the knowledge gained to inform the more effective design of the next generation of machines.  Xi is also able analyse the behaviour of robots that work sequentially and the cumulative effect that this can have on both the robots and the supporting infrastructure.

Just as with any other mechanical moving part, robots and their infrastructures are subject to fatigue, inefficiencies and operational failures.  Xi can help to observe, identify, analyse, simulate and solve the many electromechanical variables which are important to consider when working with robots.

As technology progresses and materials get lighter, Xi can help ensure robots and their environments work quietly and optimally.


Xi can help to explore concepts such as miniaturisation of existing systems and the impact of iterative changes on established designs.

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