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Medical Equipment

Medical professionals depend on a number of types of equipment and devices and it is vital that these function in such a way that vibrations are kept to a minimum so as not to disturb the equipment.

Advances in medical equipment have become a key accelerator in the health industry.  Smart and wearable technologies are helping to provide more accurate observations and diagnoses.  Their design, durability and sensitive performance are therefore pivotal in their success.

Impact of equipment on humans

We apply our knowledge of consumer products and wearable technology to the medical sector. We are familiar with the standards and thresholds of vibration which humans are susceptible to and their negative impact. With capabilities in measuring VDV and PPV values it is possible to capture to what extent medical equipment is affecting the user. Our team of experts can help to design out potential negative impacts on humans that may arise from noise, vibration or inefficient machine operation.

Working in controlled areas

Xi has worked extensively in controlled areas, from operating theatres to clean rooms.  We have the ability to cater to your needs and work to the high standards required by the medical industry.


Medical equipment is often in areas exposed to the effects of the surrounding environment.  Where specialised tools are in use in a mobile setting, Xi can help ensure these continue to operate efficiently. Medical equipment located in high traffic areas such as operating theatres, or laboratories which are adjacent to plant machinery can be negatively affected by movements caused by the traffic or machinery.  We can help you retrospectively isolate or design out the effects of movements in structures.

Sensitive equipment

Xi are able to assist in getting the most out of sensitive equipment. Xi’s experience in working with electromechanical machinery means the fatigue life of machinery can be reduced. Simulation skills can be used to test design solutions for changes to existing equipment, or indeed design optimisation for products which are in the prototyping phase of development.  Some examples of the sensitive equipment we have helped to improve include cancer treatment lasers, neonatal transportation units and anaesthesiologic monitoring units.

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