Industries: Transportation

By using a combination of our precise measurement and Multiphysics simulation capabilities, we can accelerate your technical development towards net zero and a greener, more sustainable future. Our services help our clients to continue to develop and innovate emerging Green transportation solutions and also maintaining and increasing efficiencies of existing forms of transportation.

Xi has worked extensively in the transport sector, using our in-depth knowledge to provide efficiency improvements or assist in the development of truly novel transportation systems. Whether it be cars, vans, buses, motorcycles, rail, shipping or aviation, the use of advanced simulation validated against real world data is key in developing the transportation systems of the future.

We can work with you in a number of areas:

  • On-vehicle measurement
  • Data analysis
  • Holistic system modelling or provision of a Vehicle Digital Twins
  • Risk free virtual prototype design space
  • Optimisation of electric motors
  • Novel Battery technology
  • Fuel cells
  • Dynamics/Fatigue/Acoustics emission
  • Thermal management
  • Internal acoustics

We are passionate about things that run quickly, smoothly, and efficiently. Working collaboratively with you and your team, Xi can help accelerate your timelines and reach cost-effective solutions.

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Transportation Specialisms