Services: Expert Witness & Due Diligence

We are proud of our scientific integrity and will confidently stand by our science in a court of law. We have served as expert witness for a diverse range of clients from government organisations to corporate clients across the globe. Whilst commonly involved in highly technical topics, we are extremely effective science communicators and can succinctly and clearly explain technical information to your non-technical and commercial stakeholders. These communications skills are key to our continued success in legal disputes and stakeholder engagement.

Though many cases ultimately don’t end up in court, Xi can provide the support and documentation to make your case clearly and concisely. We work with legal teams to deliver quality evidence to form and underpin strategy.

We can provide due diligence for both legal and investment activities. Xi regularly assists legal teams in producing contracts or assessing technology readiness for investors prior to closing out an investment round. We can also use this information to identify any technical risks, and to help position you appropriately and sensitively within your market.

As active committee members for both the International Standards Organisation and the British Standards Institution we can help navigate standards and legislation relevant to your activities. You can rely on our robustly researched data to assist in strategic decision-making for the next steps in your project.

Xi will always handle your project with absolute confidentiality.

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Expert Witness & Due Diligence Specialisms