Expert Witness & Due Diligence Specialisms

Litigation & Public Inquiries

Public inquiries and court room settings can be overwhelming. The need to effectively communicate to a wide and varied audience of interested parties can be difficult. Xi’s senior team has extensive experience of communicating in these settings.

We can help you to prepare and verify the information you may need to present or can be called upon to testify in a formal setting. We pride ourselves on professional and scientific approach. We have deep roots in academia with over half our workforce with post-graduate qualifications, and we regularly issue peer reviewed publications. This has lead us to being well respected withon our industries as a reliable and clear voice to disseminate technical information.

We present rigorously tested and scruitinised data, the science is the science and we find that scientific methodologies are the best way to present information in a legal environment.

We have rigorous contracts which we can put in place if multiple parties are involved which will ensure there are no conflicts of interests.

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