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From routine compliance measurements to bespoke measurements designed for your application, Xi’s engineers are expert in the survey of machines, equipment, structures and the environment. Our specialist equipment, custom analysis techniques, and ability to work at heights and offshore allow us to measure inaccessible locations, validate simulations and diagnose non-standard issues.

As a specialist in complex measurements including dynamics, vibration, noise, and environmental conditions, Xi routinely processes large datasets linking complex physical interactions of structures and machinery to onboard telemetry and external systems such as SCADA.

We work in challenging environments and cover all scales and sizes, from wearable technology to wind turbines. We can help you design your own experiment and use the data to link to models better, as well as running routine measurements. Through these custom experiments, we can combine large data sets, validate models and optimise data capture.

Whether the measurement is a one-off, a permanent installation to support existing data capture systems, or to provide ongoing condition monitoring systems (CMS), Xi can work with you to develop a measurement system for your requirements.

Measurement is often just the beginning. Xi excels at using the captured data to provide deeper understanding of the physics behind your technology or system, to identify and diagnose the source of any problem, and provide mitigation efficiently and directly.

Xi engineers sit on numerous national and international standards committees, giving us a full understanding of current standards requirements and valuable insight into how standards are changing in our ever-evolving technical world. We can respond to your needs quickly while ensuring compliance with health and safety protocols, carrying out efficient, non-invasive measurements to give you the vital information you require to make smart, informed decisions.

The Xi measurement team have experience in varied range of physical phenomena. Let us assist you capturing the valuable data you need.

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