Services: Planning & Environmental Impact

We can help to swiftly progress your project over the technical hurdles of the planning process and provide mitigation to technical barriers where needed.

Our measurement team can validate the parameters affecting your project, while our simulation team can test your technology in a simulated environment to ensure its viability and compliance with planning restrictions. We can then identify the most technically and commercially beneficial way forward for your project.

We can provide Environmental Statements (ES), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs and wind microclimate reports as well as noise and vibration impact assessments to support planning applications, property transactions and insurance for property developers, planning consultants, architects, lawyers and environmental consultants. We can also provide third-party technical review as part of your process and documentation due diligence.

We often offer Environmental Impact Assessment support for the deployment of renewables on land or at sea, both above and below the water. This includes air-borne and underwater noise related to construction, maintenance and operation of energy convertor systems and coastal infrastructure.

Our team sits on numerous ISO and British Standard Committees, and we have a proven track record of completing projects to the highest professional standards. We are up to date with current standards requirements and forthcoming changes that might affect your project later down the line.

Should your project have a legal element, our experienced team members can act as expert witnesses and testify in public inquiries.

Although we are happy to help at any stage of the planning process, the earlier we are involved the more effective we can be.

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Planning & Environmental Impact Specialisms