Planning & Environmental Impact Specialisms

Environmental Statement Creation & Review

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process by which the potential beneficial and adverse environmental impacts of a proposed development are determined. An Environmental Statement (ES) is a collection of all the technical EIA’s such as flood risk, sunshine, noise & wind. XI Engineering have been working on producing technical EIA documents as well as generating and reviewing ES chapters.

Normally the applicant will be required to perform analysis of the baseline conditions and then through predictive modelling, estimate the likely effects from the completion of the proposed development. Xi have been working on noise and vibration as well as wind microclimate EIA analysis and ES chapter reviews. Xi are proud to have been involved in the ES reviews of many large-scale developments in the London area as well as numerous smaller developments throughout the country. Xi model underwater noise propagation to determine the effects of noise related to surface vessels, submarines, foundation piling and cable laying.

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