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Whether in the development stages or in the setup of physical laboratory research facilities and production lines, modelling batteries can save an enormous amount of time, energy and money. Materials and manufacturing processes can be extremely expensive, but simulation can guide your organization in the right direction at lower cost, and get your product to market faster with higher reliability.

Modelling batteries requires different levels of detail depending on the purpose of the simulations. Xi can assist in building Equivalent Circuit Models (ECM) or 1D, 2D or 3D physics-based models of batteries in COMSOL Multiphysics. We can use this system to explore new geometries, material properties or micro-scale electrochemical processes, explain measured behaviour and optimise your battery design. By coupling these models to the electrical loads or thermal and stress behaviours, Xi can provide a holistic view to help improve your technology.

Finite element modelling can help you investigate and improve device performance by identifying the effects of individual design parameters on charge and discharge cycles. This can guide you in developing your laboratory research programme and gain a deeper understanding and validation of the system behaviour. Ultimately, this leads to optimized production-scale processes.

Xi’s experience covers numerous chemistries in both traditional liquid electrolyte as well as solid-state batteries. We have assisted battery manufacturers in improving their understanding of their product and accelerating their development timelines. We have worked on small, low-power applications such as consumer electronics and also on high-power automotive systems.

Our world-leading expertise in battery development modelling has allowed us to deliver models for major players in the industry. Whether you are looking at improvement to charge density or a higher level of understanding to accelerate the development of new technologies, Xi can help improve your batteries and move us all towards a low-carbon world.

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