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Electromagnetic simulation helps you to improve efficiency, ensure compatibility and guarantee performance in complex and noisy EM environments.

Electromagnetic modelling benefits system design in a rapidly growing range of applications from MEMS sensors and actuators to vehicle motors, wireless communication devices, and generators in wind turbines.

In all these areas, Xi has helped clients understand their systems better and enabled acceleration in design for demonstrating novel concepts or improving device performance, efficiency, robustness, and safety.

Bespoke device design in geometries and materials can be very complex. In many cases, finite element analysis is the only way to properly visualize this. Working with Xi, you can can validate simulations against your baseline legacy or prototype systems, and then further improve your design without the expense of physically building and testing multiple configurations. Not only do we help our clients develop accurate models, we also ensure they fully understand what you are observing in order to make improvement to their systems.

We model a variety of electrostatic, AC, or time-varying electromagnetic systems in COMSOL Multiphysics that can be built in 2D, axisymmetric, or fully 3D bespoke geometries, ranging from microfabricated sensors up to large industrial power systems.  Xi can help optimise designs by investigating effects such as electromagnetic fields, EMI/EMC, wave propagation and resonance effects in high-frequency applications.

We use the COMSOL Multiphysics AC/DC and RF Modules, which have an array of built-in materials, including typical conductors and insulators, piezoelectric materials, and nonlinear ferromagnetic materials. Built-in model structures such as the coil feature make designing inductors and motor components straightforward and computationally tractable. Heating and mechanical force analysis can be performed by coupling the electromagnetic calculations. As with all COMSOL physics modules, AC/DC may be coupled to the Optimization Module to explore the influence of multiple properties which may be simultaneously varied.

Because so many electromagnetic applications also involve the generation of heat or mechanical forces, the fundamental Multiphysics approach behind COMSOL makes it ideal for understanding such systems as a whole. This flexibility, along with high quality visualization and data analysis capabilities makes it easier to translate simulation results into practical action items, accelerating your innovation.

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