Simulation Specialisms

(Modelling) Optimisation

The optimisation process can be applied to anything we simulate at Xi.

We use optimisation solvers for calculating optimal solutions to engineering problems and improve the design of products. We can optimise devices and processes that involve phenomena such as electromagnetics, structural mechanics, acoustics, fluid flow, heat transfer, vibration, MEMS devices and Multiphysics based challenges. The optimisation process can be used to improve the shape of a product, the materials used, its assembly and how it interacts with its environment.

The optimisation process is independent of the physics being modelled. If an objective can be stated, then we can optimise the device or process.

Optimisation can be applied to any engineering challenge, product, system or structure. Previous Xi projects include: optimisation of materials and geometry of a novel, cutting-edge electrostatic speaker to increase sound level and reduce low-end roll-off; optimisation of battery geometry to achieve cost savings in the manufacturing process; industrial-scale electric generators optimisation to reduce cogging forces and vibration, extend lifespan and reduce fatigue.

Whatever your market sector or technology, you can harness the power of the computer brain to determine what the best solution is for your desired outcome.

Using computers to iteratively test in the virtual world leads to an optimised product more quickly and affordably than the ‘traditional’ approach. Real-world models still need to be validated, but virtual testing means you build a lot less, saving time and money on fabrication, testing and associated analysis. With a properly parameterised and validated model, your computing power can be unleashed to deliver the true optimal solution.

Advanced simulation puts you ahead of the competition and, where designs have a wide array of choices to make—a so-called large variable space— optimisation is a must. Design optimisation with numerical simulation is the most cost-effective, efficient way to narrow variable space and greatly reduce the time to design finalisation. Xi’s optimisation expertise can improve the performance of your product, reduce risk of failure, help identify the best materials to use and minimise the amount of material needed for manufacture. Accelerate your design process by using optimisation today.

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