Simulation Specialisms

Structural Dynamics

The modelling of dynamics is used to ensure that a product is not under-engineered and therefore at risk of failure. It’s also important to determine that a product is not over-engineered, resulting in unnecessarily high costs in materials and fabrication time.

Xi’s modelling approach to dynamics reduces the need to produce and test physical prototypes, providing our clients with a quicker, cheaper route to market with a superior product.

Our experience in modelling dynamics is extensive. We provide vibrational analysis expertise across a vast range of markets and products: determining the amplitude of vibration in various systems and structures: testing loudspeaker systems; calculating stresses and survivability in the built environment during earthquakes; determining the fatigue life of robotic systems and tidal turbines working in incredibly hostile environments; optimising designs in the transportation sector to improve passenger comfort.

We can examine structures with respect to stresses under static and dynamic loads, and optimise structures to improve vibrational behaviour, fatigue life or acoustic characteristics.

We model ground and structure-borne vibration and its effects on inhabitants and buildings and apply modelling techniques to assess the risk of failure in structures. We often work on building and bridge dynamics in collaboration with Gerb.

We are capable of modelling at every scale: from the response of a thin membrane to an acoustic load at micrometer scale; to the response to wind loading of a 200m wind turbine.

The variety of forces we model include rotational dynamics, seismic, electromagnetic, electrostatic, acoustic, fluid flow and piezoelectric effects. These sophisticated models can be used to examine the harmonic response of structures or their time-dependent behaviour.

Xi can also provide structural dynamic analysis of constructions to help our clients comply with strict occupational health and safety regulations.

The demand for efficient structures, systems and lightweight materials brings with it dynamics challenges which can become a limiting design factor. Our accurate, validated analysis can help you meet those challenges, optimise your product and ensure that it lasts the test of time.

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