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Satellite & Space

The light-weight equipment used for space vehicles and satellites must be strong and able to withstand harsh environments and extreme load exposures during launch. These light-weight structures are prone to vibration so consideration to shock and vibration issues is vital when designing these devices.

Think space, think Xi

Xi is an innovative company based in Edinburgh, dedicated to accelerating technical development and solving complex engineering problems. By applying advanced Multiphysics simulation and exacting measurement to validate models, Xi can deliver accurate digital twin models which represent the real world allowing you to test, ‘light weight’, adjust and make your design commercially viable.

Expanding your horizons

From overcoming vehicle launch shock & vibration to light-weighting parts for maximised payloads, to the next generation of cube satellites, or the design of RF antennas for efficient communications in an ever-crowded orbit, Xi can provide support.

Xi Engineering Consultants provide technical, engineering and scientific support through collaboration, accelerating progress through a combination of measurement and computer simulation.  Xi is experienced at working with clients to produce comprehensive digital twins for virtual testing and trials. Simulation is a valuable tool for optimising and quantifying designs and systems destined for flight.

Ready for launch

Our diverse engineering team supports clients by resolving the complex challenges which would otherwise hold up design completion, delivery and, ultimately, launch dates.  Xi’s support will allow clients to focus on their core project.  By working collaboratively, Xi works with client teams to share knowledge, accelerate development time, and reduce risks to projects.

Who do we work with?

We work with clients all over the world including Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and Africa. Our work is often presented at international conferences and published in peer-reviewed articles. We have won several awards for our work throughout the years and some of our work on electrostatics and acoustics has been published in NASA Tech Briefs.

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